Tilintilonia – Theatre for babies

Tilintilonia is a small planet inhabited by Tilín and Tilón. They will discover a world full of textures, colours, sounds and fantastic beings that emerge with the music and where water and air become elements of play.

Visually we enter a world of dreams thanks to the fabrics and what they suggest to us, fabrics that fly and form part of the wind, undulate like water, burn like fire and welcome us like the earth.

30 min aprox
From 0 to 100 years – recommended from 6 months to 3 years
Company - O baúl da tía tola

Direction -
Soraya Paradela
Anna Cañadillas

Original idea -
Xoana Baz
Anna Cañadillas

Cast -
Soraya Paradela
Anna Cañadillas

Light and sound technician - Paula Pampillón

Scenography - O Baúl da tía Tola

Music - Claudio Rojas

Wardrobe - La Canalla

Photography - Óscar Mosquera

Graphic design and video editing - Marcos Mosquera